Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Associated Mechanical Contractors project, located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, is far more than a renovation, remodel, or restoration. It is the transformation of an outdated 1914 historical landmark into a beautiful, modern, dynamic structure. When completed, the new Soo Line Building City Apartments complex will offer 20 levels of luxurious living spaces with unique architectural elements, classic style, and world-class amenities, as well as multi-level retail and service businesses.


AMC Project Managers Don Leidner and Greg Miller stated that working on the renovation or conversion of historic or existing buildings, such as the Soo Line Building, offers challenges that strongly differ from new construction projects. Leidner stated, “Each structure presents distinct obstacles that we must take into consideration and incorporate into the plans for that specific project. For the Soo Line Building project, we collaborated with the architect and engineer to create modern, open concept spaces for the 250 luxury residential units, while protecting the integrity of this historic landmark.”

Miller added his perspective, “Plans for every project require compliance with building codes and regulations. However, historic landmarks undergo even stricter scrutiny and we must comply with the parameters set by federal, state, or municipal agencies. Still, we believe the extra work is always worth the effort because reserving and renewing historic buildings adds significantly to the quality of our communities. It’s our way of contributing.”

The transformation of the Soo Line Building City Apartments began with an approved plan to salvage as much as possible of the unique architectural elements of the building. All other deteriorated or substandard materials were removed. This allowed the Associated Mechanical Contractors team to design and install entirely new systems of state of the art, high efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment, including energy recovery units. The AMC goal is always to provide superior quality service, highly efficient, low maintenance infrastructure that meets or exceeds their clients’ expectations.

One aspect of the Soo Line Building project is a first for Associated Mechanical Contractors. It is also one of the most luxurious amenities future residents will enjoy. The skyline level of the building will offer a one-of-a-kind, 25-foot swimming pool in addition to the exclusive clubroom and outdoor social space.

The Soo Line Building City Apartments project is scheduled to be completed in the late fall of 2013.

- Historic landmark renovation in Minneapolis, MN
- 250 Luxury residential units
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment
- Energy recovery units




Buzza Historic Lofts,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located in the trendy Minneapolis neighborhood known as Uptown, the Buzza Historic Lofts was another conversion project for Associated Mechanical Contractors. The 1916 building had fulfilled several purposes including headquarters for Buzza Greeting Cards, the current building’s namesake. In 2012, Dominium, a local real estate development company, purchased the six-story building. AMC was selected to design/assist the job. Project Manager Greg Miller worked with the company’s architect and engineer to plan the renovation, meet the project’s infrastructure goals, budgets, and schedule, as well as comply with the required codes for historic renovations.


The Buzza Historic Lofts renovation began with a total gut of the structure. Again, because it was designated as a historical building, parameters were set to ensure the preservation of the building’s significant architectural features. There are very strict codes in place and every step of the process was approved by several official agencies. This job presented unique opportunities to test the skills of the Associated Mechanical team who worked to install modern, high quality, energy efficient plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems while preserving the beauty of the existing structure.

One of the biggest challenges facing the AMC team on the Buzza Lofts project, in addition to the strict codes and compliances for historic renovations, was the schedule. The developer, Dominium, requested AMC, as well as the other project contractors, to finish construction within 11 months. In fact, the AMC team exceeded their client’s expectations and completed their work ahead of schedule, in about 10-and-a-half months, with absolutely no compromise in quality of work.

The result was the transformation of a historic landmark that was once in decline, into a vibrant, 136 unit modern, multi-family, living space in the heart of the city.

- Historic landmark renovation in Minneapolis, MN, Uptown district
- 136 Modern multi-family residential loft style units
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment




Apple Store, Southdale Mall,
Edina, Minnesota

Among projects recently completed by Associated Mechanical Contractors is the new Apple Store retail space at the Southdale Mall in Edina, Minnesota. The Apple brand is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, which made Associated Mechanical the perfect choice for this project.


AMC Project Manager, Greg Miller headed up the Apple Store project. Miller’s previous experience, and success, with the Microsoft retail space at the Mall of America, completed in 2010, made him uniquely qualified to lead the team on this very specialized project. “It was challenging to meet this client’s complex needs for a HVAC system capable of handling the precise temperature control they need to maintain all the computers and devices used in their space. The amount of air conditioning and proper ventilation their space requires is significantly higher than most other retail spaces.”

“In keeping with our client’s corporate mission of environmental responsibility, the Edina Apple Store was a “Leed Project”, which implements “Green Building” practices. We were able to achieve this goal by utilizing low VOC, or volatile organic materials. Making the “green” choice for construction materials minimizes the risk associated with normal construction practices for the general population, especially for the children who visit this retail space.”

“We took extra precautions in sealing the ductwork, as well as installing a filtered ventilation system to eliminate the penetration of microscopic particles. This provides super high-quality air for the Apple employees and their patrons. We don’t mind working with clients who have extremely high standards. In fact, we thrive on the challenge to meet and exceed their expectations. We believe taking on big challenges like this motivates us to be our best.”

- High end retail space in Edina, MN
- Leed Project, Green Building practices
- Special high efficiency air filtration system




Granite City Food & Brewery
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Located in an entertainment hotspot of the Minneapolis suburb of Maple Grove, Granite City Food and Brewery is a very popular place to enjoy good food and friends. However, it must vie with a large number of other area businesses for the patronage of their dining guests. Associated Mechanical Contractors recently designed and installed a dramatic outdoor fireplace and radiant heating system that effectively expanded the Granite City dining area to include a spacious outdoor patio, and substantially extended the business’s service calendar by allowing their guests to enjoy dining “al fresco”.


“We can handle projects ranging from large, complex, corporate structure to smaller design and installations,” stated AMC Project Manager Greg Miller. “Quality is the key to the success of every project and the hallmark of Associated Mechanical Contractors.”
- Restaurant Maple Grove, MN
- Outdoor dining area
- Heating and plumbing for expanded service area




Holiday Inn Express
Shakopee, Minnesota

The Holiday Inn franchise has a long history as one of the most trusted names in the hospitality industry. The new Holiday Inn Express in Shakopee, Mn is a four-story, 94-unit hotel that was completed in May of 2013. It was new build construction project head by Associated Mechanical Contractors Project Manager Greg Miller. The heating and air conditioning systems installed by AMC ensure the comfort of the business’s visitors and guests throughout the extreme seasons of Minnesota.


Associated Mechanical Contractors has excellent experience providing the hospitality industry with the highest quality environmental systems for their valued guests. The new Holiday Inn Express in Shakopee, Mn is a prime example of their success in meeting and exceeding their clients’ needs.

- New construction in Shakopee, MN
- 94 unit hotel and hospitality project
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment




Minnesota Veterans Home
Minneapolis, Minnesota

One of the most rewarding projects recently completed by Associated Mechanical Contractors was a new addition to the Minnesota Veterans’ Home Minneapolis campus. This building is a beautiful, welcoming, state of the art nursing home that features over 100 spacious units designed to serve the special healthcare needs of deserving veterans. The classic brick and limestone building has four living levels. A large atrium, administration offices, and wide-open community spaces occupy the main level. The remaining floors feature large, private rooms, social or community areas, administrative spaces, and housekeeping facilities.


Once again, AMC installed the plumbing, heating and cooling infrastructure for this project. Although the project was a completely new building, Project Manager Don Leidner faced the complex challenge of installing highly efficient systems for this large, modern building that utilized and tied into the existing service of the campus wide, high-pressure steam system.

When working on government projects, such as the Minneapolis based Minnesota Veterans Home, it is critical to have a working knowledge of agency processes and procedures. Associated Mechanical Contractors possess these valuable skills and they are proud to partner with the government on this important project that serves our veterans, our community, and our country.

- Government project
- New construction in Minneapolis, MN
- 100 unit multi-living project for Veterans
- Special needs clients
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment
- Integrated high-pressure steam system




Valley Ridge Senior Apartments
Assisted Living Center,
Burnsville, MN

Valley Ridge is a 140 unit mixed living space for seniors created through a collaboration of Presbyterian Homes & Services and the Dakota County Community Development Agency of Minnesota. Associated Mechanical Contractors installed the plumbing, heating and cooling system for this completely new four-story structure. The Valley Ridge project has 80 independent living units, which offer one or two bedroom floor plans with one or two baths respectively, and in-suite laundry. There are also 60 assisted living units available in one-bedroom or studio floor plans. All of the units have kitchenettes. In addition, there are inviting common spaces, a commercial grade kitchen to provide meals for the residents, and underground parking.


The challenge for Project Manager, Don Leidner, was to install systems that integrate the all services provided by Associated Mechanical Contractors, while striving to gain more efficiencies and cost savings for their clients, as well as maintaining the highest level quality in AMC workmanship and performance.

- New construction in Burnsville, MN
- 140 unit senior independent and assisted living project
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment
- Integrated high-pressure steam system




The Arbors Senior & Assisted Living
Burnsville, Minnesota

Arbors at Ridges was voted the best Assisted Living Center In Burnsville, Minnesota in 2012 and 2013. It also received the 2012 Confident Choices designation from Aging Services of Minnesota.


Associated Mechanical Contractors recently completed the expansion of Arbors Seniors and Assisted Living Center with a new building that features 61 apartments, six care suites, on site therapy rooms, private dining, a Life Long Learning center, a movie theatre, a chapel, and underground parking. AMC Vice President and Project Manager, Kevin Miller, lead the team to design and install the plumbing, heating and cooling systems in the newest building of this award-winning center.

- Award winning new construction in Burnsville, MN
- 61 unit senior independent and assisted living project
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment




Orono Assisted Living
Orono, MN

Nestled in a beautiful wooded landscape, Orono Assisted Living looks like an inviting north woods lodge. The quality of the center is immediately apparent with its large covered portico constructed of strong beams and fieldstone.


Orono Assisted Living Center was a design/build project for Associate Mechanical Contractors. Project Manager Kevin Miller stated, “We have a growing portfolio of assisted living and senior care centers, which all have very specialized plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. These are areas where AMC really excels.”

AMC teamed with Kraus-Anderson Construction Company on the Orono Assisted Living Center. The building has two main floors with 61 private suites in a variety of sizes and floor plans. There are an additional 19 private suites in the Memory Care area. Each suite at Orono Assisted Living has a kitchen and bath. Other areas where AMC applied their expertise were the commercial kitchen and laundry, clubroom, salon and barbershop, theatre, library, outdoors spaces, and water features.

- New construction in Orono, MN
- 80 unit senior independent, assisted living, and memory loss project
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment




Good Samaritan
Specialty Care Community
Robbinsdale, MN

Associated Mechanical contractors recently completed a new eighty-nine unit building for Good Samaritan. The new Specialty Care Community provides care for people with traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias and Huntington’s disease. The new Specialty Care Community campus was designed to meet the residents’ complex healthcare concerns and also provide a warm feeling of home.


Construction of the new Good Samaritan Specialty Care Community required Minnesota state legislation. Project Manager Kevin Miller described AMC’s contributions to this job, “We had two important goals for this site. First, and foremost, was the care and comfort of the residents.” This was achieved with the beautiful, new private suites; each with large handicap access private baths. Miller continued, “The second goal was to utilize environmentally compatible materials and practices including energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling, individual room temperature controls, and special air filtration systems for maximum air quality.” The results were excellent.

The Robbinsdale Good Samaritan Specialty Care Community also features an open neighborhood design, a fitness center, rooftop garden, outdoor green spaces and underground parking for staff members. This center represents Associated Mechanical Contractors high standard of quality construction.

- New construction in Robbinsdale, MN
- 61 unit for special needs living project
- Energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling




White Pines Senior Living Centers
Blaine, MN; Cottage Grove, MN;
Inver Grove Heights, MN;
& Mendota Heights, MN

Recently, Associated Mechanical Contractors completed work on several new White Pines Senior Living Centers. These centers offer a variety of care levels including independent living apartments, assisted care, specialized care, and memory care centers. Each White Pines Senior Living Center is designed to blend into the environment and maximize the natural beauty of the setting. Although each center is one of a kind, there are many shared characteristics including a fine attention to detail, which begins with the planning and infrastructure, and is completed with beautiful finishing touches.


AMC was selected to design the plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems for these special care living centers. Kevin Miller was the Project Manager for the White Pines Centers. He said, “We have developed a system that meets all the infrastructure needs for each of these projects. The systems are eco friendly, extremely efficient, and low maintenance. The results are immediate cost savings for the builder and a higher quality of life for White Pines’ senior residents.”

- New construction in Blaine, Cottage Grove, Inver Grove Heights, and Mendota Heights, MN
- Multi-family living, independent and assisted living, memory loss and special care projects
- High efficiency plumbing, heating, and air conditioning equipment





A new building going up in Robbinsdale, Minnesota is just the latest to save money on heating and cooling.

Article by: on Jacobson, Special to the Minneapolis Star Tribune
Updated: June 14, 2012 - 6:00 PM

Geothermal energy has been around for a long time, but only recently has it become a viable option for energy-efficient construction.

Among the most common users of the technology are nursing home facilities that require a constant rate of ventilation. Owners of these buildings would rather spend more money upfront for the geothermal systems, which use underground temperatures to heat and cool buildings, than wear out traditional HVAC systems. Plus, going geothermal can result in significant savings over time.

"The last four nursing homes we've worked on are all looking at geothermal energy," said Don Hoover of Associated Mechanical Contractors, located in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Associated Mechanical Contractors, along with Benson-Orth General Contractors, is working on the University Specialty Center in Robbinsdale. It's a 96-bed nursing facility developed by the South Dakota-based Good Samaritan Society. Benson-Orth is installing a partial geothermal heating and cooling system as part of the project, which is set for completion in September.

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Associated Mechanical Contractors provides design services for both new construction and the renovation of existing spaces, creating the infrastructure for fresh, dynamic, and comfortable environments.


Among the projects recently completed by Associated Mechanical is the new retail space for Microsoft Corporation at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Microsoft Corporation is a high profile client with very specific needs for their space.


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Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc. named one of the Top 100 Contractors of the Year by the leading HVAC industrial publication. This is the 10th consecutive year that AMC has received this prestigeous award. 

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Associated Mechanical Contractors is proud of our reputation for quality and honored to be recognized as one of the Top 100 Contractors of the Year.

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